Mobile App Development, BSc (Spring 2019)


This course gives a fundamental introduction to Java development of apps for the Android platform.

The following topics will be introduced:

  • The four fundamental Android components (activities, services, content providers and broadcast receivers) and intents
  • Designing user interfaces using layouts and resources
  • Working with files and databases on a mobile device
  • The Android life cycles and thread model
  • Using built-in camera, sensors and libraries/tasks e.g. calendar and contacts
  • Mobile/server communication including RESTful APIs and JSON
  • Android libraries for creating location aware apps.

Furthermore, Androids threading model will be introduced and related to threading and concurrency in general.

Fabricio Batista Narcizo
Fabricio Batista Narcizo
Part-Time Lecturer

My research interests include eye tracking, human-computer interaction, computer vision, machine learning, and data analysis.