Systematisk Design af Brugergrænseflader (Spring 2021)


User interfaces are a central part of all IT systems and being able to design and develop them systematically is important for a software developer. It is also important to understand the principles behind the development so that it is easier to understand why elements are designed as they are. In this course, the student gets a practical and theoretical foundation for systematic development of user interfaces.

The goal of the course is to enable the student to design user interfaces in a systematic way and evaluate the user experience (UX) of an interface, such as taking into account the user’s needs, goals, the platform the system will run on and the data the system will use. The course will use web programming techniques (React/JavaScript) to develop user interfaces.

Fabricio Batista Narcizo
Fabricio Batista Narcizo
Part-Time Lecturer

My research interests include eye tracking, human-computer interaction, computer vision, machine learning, and data analysis.