Building a Gamified Habit Application


A large part of human behaviour is a function of habits, and thus habits have a notable influence on the well-being of the individual. Although many mobile applications claim to support habit formation, there is a lack of habit applications that are based on theory of habit formation. Gamification shows promise for supporting long term behaviour change such as habit formation but is not prevalent in habit applications. Gamification is a relatively new trend that focuses on applying game techniques to non-game contexts in order to provide motivational benefits. This paper intends to elicit the design of an application that aims to support the formation of habits. Two literature was therefore conducted on habit theory and gamification. Based on these results, an initial set of requirements and a prototype was created. This prototype was used to gather feedback from three potential users leading to nine final requirements grouped into four major categories concerning the daily tracking of habits, long term goals, implementation intentions and rewards. An MVP of the application was developed based on these requirements, the prototype and user feedback.