Object Tracking System (VidIT)


This thesis investigates, if an IT product can increase learning in an online setting. Information is included in regards of learning and the development of VidIT, which is an automated tracking system powered by a smartphone and an Arduino. The system can track people with the help of a motorized pan tilt mount. The purpose of VidIT is to enhance learning during COVID-19, by enabling students and teachers to record themselves single-handily while moving around. A survey, a user test and a performance test was conducted to gather data on the current situation of teaching in an online setting, testing of the usability and performance of VidIT. Based on the tests, it was concluded that the resulting system worked as intended. However, some improvements are needed to effectively improve learning and teaching in an online setting. These improvements includes but are not limited to, streaming functionality, movement prediction and faster computation in relation to the objection detection algorithm.